Pro Bono Workers Compensation Lawyers

Pro Bono as the Latin meaning of Bono is “for the public good”. Many people who work for free are Bono’s advocates and they are there to represent them in court. They do this because they understand the importance of having a just system in place. They fight for the rights of those who cannot afford to pay lawyer fees or court costs. Some attorneys who work pro Bono also do free legal representation for indigents, disabled individuals and single mothers. There are many other areas in which a pro Bono attorney can be helpful.

In the area of worker’s compensation, pro Bono compensation attorneys represent those who have suffered injuries while at work. Typically, the employers will settle these cases out of court and in fact the insurance companies actually pay them only a fraction of what they are entitled to. Pro Bono compensation lawyers help these people receive their due compensation for their injuries.

In addition, those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes often need the assistance of this type of legal professional. Their main focus is to find the evidence that supports their client’s innocence and to get this evidence before a jury so that they can have their rights restored. Often, the charges against a person are trumped up in order to have the case dismissed or to get more money from the defendant.

Unfortunately, some employers will take advantage of the sympathies of a legal representative and will try to find some type of ‘undercover’ lawyer. These lawyers serve the corporate community well and often represent their interests in court, even if their clients happen to be on the side of the angels. As with any legal matter, the pro Bono workers compensation attorney must be considered as an expert in the particular area of law that is being litigated. Attorneys who have no experience whatsoever in the specific area of trial court proceedings are rarely successful in helping their clients.

For instance, many pro Bono workers’ compensation cases involve workers who were subjected to medical treatment while at the workplace. Medical treatment can be quite expensive. If this treatment becomes the subject of a discrimination lawsuit, then the employer may use its influence to try to force the victim to accept medical treatment that is substandard. The pro Bono lawyer must be able to get the evidence before a judge so that his client’s rights are protected. Even if the doctor who was providing the treatment has since died, the lawyer may still be able to obtain enough evidence to have the case heard by the courts.

Not all lawyers specialize in pro Bono workers’ compensation cases. Therefore, if you are looking for a good one to represent you, it is important to find one that does. You can do this by asking friends or family if they can recommend a good lawyer in your area. If this doesn’t work, then you should check out the American Bar Association website. This will have a listing of all of the lawyers in the area who specialize in pro Bono cases and are willing to accept your case.

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